Certificate Course in Google Adwords

Google Adwords is one of the most successful ways to boost the awareness of your products and brands on the web. By unlocking the platform and getting the hang, you can generate cash since there would be no tomorrow. Google AdWords is the one-stop solution that lets companies promptly approach their targeted audience.

Google Analytics and Google AdWords have become increasingly important over the years. Today, any internet marketer wishing to transcend the rankings of the search engine must make use of these two services that Google offers. And also for excellent reason. Google may have tweaked its algorithm far too many times to maintain up with the average marketer, but there’s no denying that Google offers them with the instruments to get to the top.

While nearly every global marketer uses AdWords and Analytics, only a few of them are actually considering enrolling for each instrument in the Google certification programs.

While most marketers fail to see the tangible advantages of being certified by Google in Analytics, you can achieve a significant intangible advantage. You can write that you are certified by Google using Analytics when you finish the program. After you get your certification, more individuals are likely to want to use your facilities. Therefore, on your rivals you achieve a definite advantage. You will be able to use it as a pro with insider knowledge of Analytics. There are many marketers who understand Analytics like the back of their hands, but the program will let you in on some hidden tricks and techniques that you can use to enhance your chances of reaching the top.

Google Adwords certification course at IIKD help you to learn the whole course on point with experienced faculty and exclusive sessions. Complete Google AdWords Training course guarantees that you become a total professional of Google Advertising.

Google Ads training course will ensure that you will be able to design and implement Google campaigns using various channels such as Search, Mobile, Display and Video after completing this course.



  • Introduction to Search Engine and PPC Marketing (SEM)
  • Type of Ads Google AdWords serves
    • Search Ads
    • Display Ads
    • Shopping Ads
    • Video Ads
  • Search and Display campaign creation and conversion tracking
  • A/B testing and monitoring the experiment in Google AdWords
  • Exposure to automated biding management tools for AdWords
  • Overview of Shopping Ads
  • Registration with Merchant center
  • Shopping Ads campaign creation and tracking
  • Setup of remarketing campaign in AdWords
  • Universal App Ads and Mobile App Ads
  • Video ads campaign creation and tracking
  • Integration of YouTube with social media
  • Usage of YouTube Channel for SEO – Comments & Sharing

Web Analytics

  • Installation and setup of Google Analytics (GA)
  • Set up goals and segments in GA
  • Set up site search in GA
  • Share Google Analytics data with specific permissions
  • Automate the summarization of GA data
  • Custom reports, dashboards, and segments in GA
  •  Google Tag Manager

Funnel Marketing & Growth

  • Introduction to marketing funnel and its importance
  • Full acquisition funnel and mindmap
  • Strategies to convert leads into sales 
  • Introduction to Growth hacking
  • The Lean Marketing Framework (LMF)
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