Shalaka Raje
[Banker(Punjab National bank)]


कुछ पाने की ज़िद!!

Mrs. Shalaka Raje, a woman, a homemaker and a successful banker in Punjab National Bank posted in Mumbai started her Higher Education in Commerce with Math & IT, after 2 years of her higher Education she then changed her stream in Degree college to BSC IT, just like her many students face this confusion in their Higher stages of Education, either by peer pressure or by family pressure.

Shalaka’s dad always used to persuade her to go into Government Sector; half-heartedly she had appeared for few exams but with lack of preparation and low enthusiasm she failed each time, but it wasn’t like she was not talented, with her brilliant mind and outstanding performance she started her professional journey with one of the top most private bank – “Axis Bank” as an Assistant Manager she had progressed well in her professional life but as years passed by she was unable to maintain her work-life balance as a married women, and the frustration and responsibilities kept on piling up, and one day she remembered her dad’s saying “Government job laagli tar tujhi life settle hoil” without any further ado she took a decision to give it another shot, this reminds us of a saying by Dennis Deyoung “Winners are losers who got up and gave it one more try”

This time she knew if she has to do it, it must be the right way with correct guidance she looked up and was fortunate enough to get the support of Indian Institute of Knowledge and Development with their support and her persistency she cracked the exam.

We were fortunate enough to have a word with our student and ask her about her comebacks and strength during her preparation –

Why did you decide to join PSU sector?
I belong to a family where majority of the members have held reputed positions in PSUs(banks in majority). I often felt like continuing that legacy. I was working with The Axis Bank Ltd. But I decided to leave that job considering the work pressure and a high work life imbalance.

What difficulties did you face when you left your job?
When a person starts earning, I feel it is the pay that keeps you going. A sudden stop in salary was a big challenge initially. When you are working it’s a fixed schedule that is followed. For me, it just stopped all at once. I did miss that in the initial phase. But later, I thought to myself…. Is a highly pressurized job actually required? What is the point in me earning if I am not able to give time to family and more importantly to myself? Is it wise to keep a job that causes quarrels at home? That’s when I started to look at the positive side of the entire situation.I kept saying to myself, maybe today I don’t have a job but eventually I will. And that will be my dream job!

How did you decide to prepare for PSU Exams?
I did have a brief idea about how the competitive exam structure is for banking exams. And I did know where I stand. So I thought of giving this a fair chance. Immediately after resigning from Axis Bank, I started preparing for PSU exams.

What challenges did you face during your preparation?
Honestly, I found it very difficult to get back to books after working…. But I didn’t have a choice. I had to take care of the house too, so giving time to both was tedious. I then made a time table and gave fair amount of time to studies. In the beginning it was tough to concentrate. But later, when I started gaining confidence, the process became interesting too.

Which subject was the most challenging for you? 
Reasoning and DI(Quants)These topics are particularly tricky because questions can come from any nook and corner of the world…. Also it is essential that you solve each section well in time so one cannot afford to waste too much time on one question and also one section.

How did you prepare for your most challenging subject?
From day 1 of my studies, I devoted minimum 2 hours to study these subjects and minimum 2 hours (every alternate day) to solve questions and online tests. The next day (consecutive day I would take the test) would be used for analysis of mistakes and re-solving is case of too many mistakes. In one day I used to study for minimum 10 hours.

How IIKD helped you cope up with your challenges?
I would say I am indebted to IIKD in every possible way for my entire life. I would like to answer this question w.r.t the previous question. I had take admission to IIKD Virar branch. But as the course gradually progressed, I had difficulties in reasoning particularly. With Shyaam Sir’s due permission, I was allowed to attend the morning lectures in vasai too. So I would say that not though I did have the willingness to succeed, my faculty has reckoned that and supported me in every possible manner. Also the tests regularly conducted at the institute very a much needed value addition to my prep. The institute helped me improve the strategy for paper solving by leaps and bounds.

What is your present profile and what activities do you do at your current job?
I am now working as a clerk in Punjab National Bank. I handle cash, retail banking, clearing, govt. business and many more routine activities in branch.

What are you planning further in your career?
I am now planning for promotion this year to be an officer. I wish to take every growth opportunity that is given to me in this esteemed organization.

Are you happy with your current Job?
Yes. I am not only happy, I am satisfied too.

How many hours you used to devote on your studies?
Minimum 10 hours. 2-3 hours reasoning. 2-3 hours quant.2 hours paper solving and evaluation. 2 hours gk.

Any message for our students?
I would just like to tell every aspirant for competitive exams, “practice is key” don’t lose hope if you don’t clear once. Prepare harder next time. Consistency will bring you success for sure. I always kept saying this to myself that the private sector is open to you throughout your life, while the govt. sector is open only till a certain age. Its now or never!!

This is a story of an IIKDIAN’s persistency, patience, commitment, dedication, this is a story of a winner who choose pain for her success, instead of suffering in her comfort zone.
We got to learn many things from her and just like this, in our next edition, we will meet another winner and will learn from their exceptional story.

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