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From banners to big data, Digital Marketing has continually adjusted to satisfy the requirements of both clients and brands. With enhanced connectivity and established digital infrastructure, changes are occurring much quicker today.Future of digital marketing is immense The traditional digital marketing world of paid media, SEO, content marketing, social media, user experience design, and many more are witnessing drastic developments and shifts as technology innovations evolve.


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Paid search, or search engine marketing, is the marketing technique of creating online traffic by purchasing ads on search engines. Marketers either pay each time their advertisement is clicked on (referred to as pay per click or PPC) or their advertisement is displayed. There is usually a committed team deciding on which platforms to spend, depending on where they think the ad will gain the most leverage.Digital Marketing Services are in high demand

A likely allocation to this traditional pay media technique is programmatic advertising, a type of paid media that uses artificial intelligence to automatically purchase advertising space using information to determine which audience the advertisements should target.

With an projected $46 billion going towards conceptual Online Marketing in 2018, it is anticipated that 86 percent of all digital display advertisements will be submitted via automation by 2020. This change toward AI automation offers a more seamless, effective and precise strategy to paid media while simultaneously reducing client procurement expenses.


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With the arrival of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and Google assistant, the popularity of voice search is on the increase, whereby the user talks straight to their computer instead of typing a request or performing a job manually. As customers are increasingly adapting and starting to use voice assistants, marketers working with SEO should consider optimizing their websites to recognize voice search.  

The way we talk is essentially distinct from the manner we type, and the ease of merely asking a question explains why “72 percent of individuals who own a voice-activated speaker say their phones are often used as part of their daily routine.” As the technology’s popularity increases, this amount is likely to boost, and the concept of a permanent, hands-free assistant will start to feel like second nature.

  Google announced a 95 percent precision rate on its digital speech recognition assistant in 2017, and as this technology increases, usership will expand.  


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Following SEO and voice search optimization, conversational content that feels personal and genuine remains essential to engaging clients. However, personalization is at the forefront of effective content marketing in 2019.

With the evolution of data analysis as well as the availability of in-depth consumer information, customizing content is not only reachable, but 96% of marketers believe that personalization improves customer relations. As customers draw on observations that reflect their preferences, trying to determine which content will be most relevant to an individual is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

As an increasingly common type of content, video content is gaining traction. More and more companies are using video as a digital marketing instrument with live video, stories, and Instagram TV. Some marketers go beyond and create custom video messaging as opposed to email or phone calls,14 which can be a promising fresh way of engaging clients.

Recent 360-degree video content creation enables viewers to regulate their outlook for a more personalized and engaging experience. Virtual reality, along with this technology, is fully immersing spectators in the brand experience, and anticipated to achieve $22.4 billion by 2020 in the virtual reality industry.


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Marketing influencer has become today’s word-of-mouth marketing equivalent. Hearing favorable data or feedback from an influencer about a product or experience often carries more weight and credibility than when it comes from the brand itself, as individuals usually trust individuals more than products.

In past years, however, this sector has seen some difficulties as brands struggled to discover the correct individuals to promote their picture and message. Today, by making influencer marketing a mainly automated process, AI is working to address these issues. AI is prepared to analyze the post information once an influencer has posted or shared material to evaluate how well the post was obtained and how well the influencer and brand match.

With regard to the connection between influencer and brand, AI can be taught using current information to predict which incentive operates most efficiently to encourage an influencer to post and then continue to give this incentive at the correct time.

In the Digital Marketing Business, 2019 aims to place the customer at the forefront of the digital marketing strategy in a more detailed manner than was possible before. Thoughtful, personalized Big Data, AI and innovative tech marketing will describe how brands interact with clientsKey developments informing how brands will position themselves in the near future are appealing to an person with conversational, speech-accessible and visually engaging material. Sensationalist talk about technology is often saturated in an sector.Scope of Digital marketing is enormous and it is here to stay.

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