Hats Off To Every Single Woman Out There

I strongly believe that women are a house of management skills and leadership qualities with a Golden touch of soft skills and emotional intelligence which play a vital role and impact personal lives and corporate sectors alike.

We have so many examples of women holding higher positions like Chairpersons, CEO’S, Founders, Relationship Managers and many more.

Chand Kochar- MD & CEO of ICICI Bank.

Kiran Majundar Shaw- Owner Of BICON a  Biopharmaceutical Company.

Suneeta reddy-  For Creating Apollo Chain Of  Hospitals.

Alice G Vaidyan- Chairperson And Managing Director Of GIC (General   Insurance Corporation Of  India)

Renuka Ramnath-  Equity Fund Manager.

Sudha Murthy-  Chairperson Of  Infosys Foundation are a few examples of women leaders but needless to say the list is never ending.

Hats Off To Every Single Woman Out There .
Let Us Celebrate Her Every Single Day.

  • By Vishakha Gadge.
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