How To Prepare for IBPS Clerk 2023

"IBPS Clerk - Empowering your dreams in the banking sector."

Are you preparing for IBPS Clerk? If YES, then you have come to the right place! We got you covered. Here is a step by step guide on how you can prepare and crack the IBPS clerk exam 2023.   Institute of Banking Personnel Selection – Clerical Cadre  exam is conducted every year to recruit young and fresh graduates. IBPS Clerk is one of the popular exams in PSU Bank sector. It’s attractive salary, Career progression, perks and many such things attracts everyone for this post, with proper training & guidance you can crack this exam and fulfill your dream to become an PSU Bank Clerk.

I. Introduction to IBPS Clerk Exam

The Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Clerk exam is a crucial step for aspirants seeking banking jobs in India. It is a highly competitive exam that assesses candidates’ aptitude in various subjects. Proper preparation and a well-structured study plan are essential for success.

II. Understanding the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

Before diving into preparation, candidates must familiarize themselves with the IBPS Clerk syllabus. The exam comprises sections like Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, English Language, General Awareness, and Computer Knowledge. Both the Preliminary and Main exams have different patterns, and understanding them is crucial for effective preparation.

III. Creating a Study Plan

A study plan is the backbone of successful preparation. Set realistic goals and allocate time to cover each subject thoroughly. Divide your time wisely between concept understanding, practice, and revision.

Subject:  English Language:  Brush up on grammar rules, including tenses, articles, prepositions, etc. Improve vocabulary by learning new words and their usage. Practice reading comprehension passages and work on understanding the main idea and inferences.

Subject: Numerical Ability (Quantitative Aptitude): Review basic mathematical concepts such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data interpretation.

Practice solving problems on topics like percentages, ratios, averages, time and work, speed, distance, etc. Focus on short tricks and methods to solve problems quickly.

Subject: Reasoning Ability: Learn various reasoning topics like coding-decoding, syllogisms, seating arrangement, puzzles, etc.Practice different types of questions to enhance logical reasoning skills.Work on time management while solving reasoning questions, as it can be time-consuming.

Subject: General Awareness (with special reference to Banking Industry) : Stay updated with current affairs related to banking, economy, and financial news. Study the basics of banking and financial terms, policies, and institutions, read newspapers.

Subject: Computer Knowledge: Understand the fundamentals of computer systems and their applications. Focus on topics like computer hardware, software, internet, networking, and cybersecurity.

IV. Choosing the Right Study Materials

Selecting the appropriate study materials is vital. Refer to standard books and reliable online resources recommended by experts. Solving previous year papers and taking mock tests will give you an edge during the actual exam.

V. Mastering Time Management

Time management is a critical aspect of the IBPS Clerk exam. Practice mock tests to improve speed and accuracy. Allocate time strategically to each section during the exam to maximize your score.

VI. Strengthening Reasoning Abilities

The reasoning section can be challenging but with the right strategy, you can excel. Practice solving puzzles, seating arrangements, and other reasoning questions regularly to enhance your skills.

VII. Enhancing Quantitative Aptitude

Quantitative Aptitude requires strong problem-solving abilities. Practice regularly to improve your numerical and mathematical skills. Learn shortcuts and tricks for quick calculations.

VIII. Excelling in English Language

A good command of the English language is crucial for the IBPS Clerk exam. Work on improving your vocabulary and also grammar and comprehension skills. Practice reading newspapers and solving language-based exercises.

IX. General Awareness and Computer Knowledge

Stay updated with current affairs and general knowledge. Read newspapers, magazines, and watch the news regularly. Additionally, familiarize yourself with computer knowledge and its applications.

X. Revision and Mock Tests

Regular revision is essential to retain information. Create notes and revise them periodically. Keep taking mock tests regularly to evaluate your progress and identify areas that need improvement.

General Tips:

Maintain a consistent study schedule and allocate time to each subject daily. Taking short breaks during study sessions is necessary to avoid burnout. Stay positive and confident in your abilities.


By following this comprehensive guide and dedicating consistent efforts, you can enhance your preparation and increase your chances of success in the IBPS Clerk exam. Best of luck!




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