“Matrushakti hi Nari  Shakti! Dharm –karm se lekar dharti ko hara bhara rkhne mein matrushakti ka bahut bada yogdan hai. Nari Shakti se hi purush Shaktishali , Balshali evam aage badhane ki prerana leta hai”

Women are boon to corporate world. Women play vital role in our personal as well as in corporate life. The world was male dominated but not anymore as women are pioneering their place into this world. Whenever a woman designs a policy she takes into account the needs of both the world i.e. household and corporate, this helps attracting more no. of customers and eventually helps the company to prosper.

Female entrepreneurship and the presence of women on management teams have a positive influence on the social motivations and achievements of organization. While making their way through the male dominated crowd they have even contributed in giving India a new identity.


By Pooja M Singh


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