SO, First of all HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY to all ladies. I wish everyone will be successful in their life.

Can anyone tell me y we celebrate women’s day? So basically it’s nothing but the achievements of every woman in every field which give appreciation to them.

So now a days we see that woman are achieving gold medals as well as they are selecting in cricket team also and the game is only for boys before some years. But now they are playing for India also. Can anyone think y & how we did this things?

Because before so many year’s girl’s are not allowed in the schools it means education is not for them. As our previous generation who had decided this like what she is going to do? She have to take care of her house and children , she have to cook food for family thts’it. Then what is the use of education for her? But our first female role model who started education system in our country for girls SAVITRIBAI PHULE because of her now we are here and we are getting education and we are successful.

Next we can say ANANDIBAI JOSHI who was our first female doctor. The British community is not allowing her to go to school. They told to wear their uniform then only you can enter in the school but she did not scared. She always gone in saree and studied very hard and became our first female doctor.

But if we are talking about today’s generation women are going one step forward than male. If we see carefully we can say yes they are getting successful but facing so much problems mentally as well as physically. So now a days it’s not having positive impact and it is increasing day by day.

Every woman has their own dreams every woman want to become successful in her own life because she don’t want depend anyone. Each and every woman want that the place where I m working today should be safe , peoples should be helpful. But this things we are unable to see because number of harassment , rape ,blackmailing , acid attacks are increasing daily. It is not only for working woman it’s going with each and every girl and there is no limit. This is the reason woman are getting disappoint and scary but she try hard her best.

But people can’t even think before harassing her that on her place if my sister or wife can be there and she is also someone’s wife or sister so this things should never be happen.

If we are taking positive examples of some female role models there are first we can say KALPANA SAROJ of KAMANI INDUSTRIES is the first female corporate entrepreneur in India. At the age of 16 she started working in garment factory to help her family.

INDRA NOOYI is the second best example of successful entrepreneur. she is the CEO of PEPSICO.

So we have to respect every woman and it is not compulsory she should be our mother ,wife or sister because as per saying getting birth from a woman’s womb we have to wait for seven generations.

So if u blessed with a baby girl don’t kill her make her literate so that she will feel proud to u.


  • By Rutuja Chavan


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