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Many individuals would like to work as a social media manager but just aren’t sure what the day-to-day job involves. A social media manager is accountable for tracking and posting to all social media outlets of a brand as well as communicating with and increasing the audience of the company.

The ultimate objective of the social media expert is to increase awareness of a brand, business, product, or individual while driving online, offline, or both traffic. Depending on the product, brand building typically involves a social media manager through outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, corporate blogging, and any fresh, evolving social platforms.


Social Media Manager Duties & Responsibilities

In marketing, social media is still the child. It’s quickly proven to be a powerful way to reach consumers, and since tweeting and posting updates sound so simple, it’s attracted a lot of people who think it’s an easy, fun job that doesn’t take much effort.

The truth is that social media will never sleep and will require a lot of job. In any specified working day, a social media manager has many tasks and responsibilities, such as:

1) Check overnight what occurred. This involves reading fresh messages, viewing responses from Twitter @, re-tweets and mentions, checking for interactivity on Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks, comments, wall posts, and reacting when needed.

2) Work on the social media updates of the day. This begins with a website check to see what has been posted so far that can be used for an update.

3) Visit the company’s website several times a day and perform ongoing feed checks to discover news, blog posts, videos and other posts or tweets to share with the public.



4) Keep an eye on trending hashtags that you can apply to your updates so that through the hot subjects you can expose more individuals to the business.

5) Monitor the business for which you are working so that you can rapidly tackle praise and complaints.

6) Updates are posted and scheduled throughout the day.Interact with the crowd, whoever asks questions or remarks.

7) Monitor analytics as your updates go live, see where traffic is going and see what works today to see if you can capitalize on the buzz.

Social media manager frequently switches all day long from task to task. On a trending hashtag, one minute you may write a tweet to zero in, the next you post a newsworthy update to LinkedIn. You follow up by interacting with a client posted on the Facebook wall of the company and then publishing a fresh Pinterest board

Now you’re off to comment on the company’s latest YouTube video, followed by a blog post that you’ll be promoting across all social media outlets of the company. Updates are scheduled to go live overnight at the end of the day while you’re sleeping so the business has a 24/7 presence to reach the night owls, consumers in another time zone and even those in other nations.

Career aspects in social media manager:


 By managing own personal account, many people who have landed positions in social media managers got their start. There’s no better way to demonstrate off your social media knowledge for those with restricted experience than by building up your own Twitter supporters, Facebook supporters, Pinterest boards, etc., and then using them to market your abilities as a social media director.

It’s also a great way to find out if you’re right for a career as a social media manager. You will learn precisely how to construct a social media presence from the ground up as you manage your personal brand.



Find freelancing employment online if you want to get a few projects under your belt. Although these do not pay very well, they may be your future references for higher-paid full-time employment.


Look for available positions at job-search resources such as,, and You can also visit your college career center or join an industry group like the Social Media Organization (SMA) as well as visit their job opening career center.

With Social media training you will be able to get proper perspective about the field and you will be job ready.

Social Media Manager Skills & Competencies

1) Knowledge of social media: Every social media manager must have a thorough knowledge of social media and must always maintain up with the recent developments in social media.

2)Writing skills: Excellent writing skills and grammar abilities with a focus on catering internet audiences are required.

3)Ability to engage the crowd: social networking laws go beyond being able to write in 140 characters or less something smart. You are the company’s online representative and your job is to engage your audience, interact with them and increase the numbers via social media.

4) Company knowledge and strategic thinking: you need to understand all you can about the business you’re writing to because you’re an essential component of the marketing process. In order to expand the business, updates need to be balanced with online networking and you need to create a policy that works specifically for the business.


Becoming a new media master will reinforce your career irrespective of the sector you want to work in. After all, every imaginable sector uses social media — from media to car manufacturers, from healthcare to retail. The possibilities for work are unlimited.

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