I would like to start by a saying in Urdu, “Ek aurat ki izzat karna us ko khubsurat kehne se jyada behtar hai” which means, respecting a woman is more important than calling her beautiful. For centuries people have mindset that woman can only manage household, that they are not strong enough to match with males in the society but I would like to tell these people that women who runs her household can run the world!! There are many woman who tried to change this perception of people we can take the recent example of our honourable finance minister Nirmala Sithamaran. Women have such powers that men don’t. A woman can play varied roles at a time.

Women have proved themselves from time to time they have successful shown their impact on coporate world as well. We have the best example of Arundhati Bhattacharya, Roshni Nadar, Ekta Kapoor and so on. I would like to finish by saying,

W: Wonderful Wife

O: Outstanding Mother

M: Mindblowing Sister

A: Adorable Daughter

N: Nice friend


  • By Shehnaz Khan
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