Stronger Women Build Stronger Nation

     I always think a women alone has power collectively have impact today we have connected more than 17500 corporate women and female entrepreneurs. Women trying to rise up into leadership face cultural and systematic hurdles that make it harder for them to advance. Women shows that their influence leads to greater motivation and better useful. Benefit of women leadership in to promote to work family balance it is important for country development. Increase a number of women’s at cooperative enterprises would have a social impact by boosting motivation and performance. Their greater participation in decision making, self-management, environmental awareness. Women’s participation in entrepreneurial activity is a path to self-realization and contribution to society and women participation in these process is an important for both the family economy and the national economy women has a positive influence on the organizations social motivation and achievements.

“Women in business prefer to maintain a balance between work and family life”

  • By Krupali Raut
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