Mr. Pratik Patil 
Specialist Officer – Bank of Baroda


मुश्किल रास्तो से मिली हुई !!

“Difficult Roads often lead to beautiful destinations”. Mr Pratik Patil’s journey is an exemplar of it.

It is rightly said,  ‘Life often takes you to that place where you want to go the most’. You would be getting opportunities to achieve your goal, but you should have the audacity to give it all. Even after completing his graduation in science, Pratik loved the banking sector and this liking of his took him to a path filled with challenges. After his graduation,  Pratik began his professional journey by joining the private sector yet he never ceased his education, instead continued pursuing his higher education in Masters of Business Administration, which took a turning point in his life.
We were grateful enough to have a brief conversation with one of our hardworking students.

How and where did you get the motivation to work in the government sector?
Everyone in my house is in government job and when I was studying for MBA, my brother-in-law suggested me to prepare for the government job exam. At first I was interested in a private job but when I did a private job I realized that there are many benefits in a government job such as keeping one’s personal and working life balanced, job security, respectable place in society etc.

You were already working in LIC then what made you take the IBPS Exam?
To be honest, while preparing for IBPS, I cleared the LIC exam, but while serving, I realized that my main goal was to work in a bank, I wanted to be known as a Banker. Then I started my preparation for IBPS.

How did you got to know of IIKD Gurucul?
I had never taken a class anywhere before but this time I knew if I had to clear IBPS SO – my dream job I’ll have to train with the best, luckily I came across one of IIKD Gurucul’s article on ‘Career Guidance in Government Sector’ I was really moved on how the team took efforts in making everyone aware, I decided to visit IIKD Gurucul and I was really impressed with them in the first meet itself. I knew that if anyone can help me get my dream job it will definitely be IIKD Gurucul.

What help did you get from IIKD Gurucul to clear IBPS SO?
First of all I would like to thank Prof. Shyaam Raawool for giving me the confidence during my first visit. All my worries disappeared when I was reassured that I had the potential to crack the exam.
I was always getting guidance from IIKD’s teaching staff. The Mock Exams with detailed analysis were very helpful to improve my speed, moreover due to this practice exam, my accuracy also increased and it became very helpful in the main exam.
I was a bit weak in Quantitative Aptitude but due to the guidance and the handholding done by IIKD Gurucul by providing Topic Wise Test so I can improve my topic accuracy in Quantitative Aptitude, and by clearing my basics of Quants, within a few weeks I saw a massive growth in my score of Quantitative Aptitude.
I was good in Reasoning and with additional training given in the form of workshops; reasoning became my Ace subject which helped my score a lot in my Exams.
I really applaud IIKD Gurrucul for putting a lot of effort into their students by regularly following up with their training and helping them in any difficulties.

What was the biggest motivation to clear IBPS SO?
It was my dream to be known as a Banker, I used to visualize myself working in a Bank, IIKD Gurucul’s Life Skill Training session helped me focus my mind in one direction, my dream became my inspiration which motivated me to get up every morning and give my best, and since I had done MBA in Marketing IBPS SO was a perfect post for me.

While preparing for IBPS SO, what problems did you face and how did you solve them?
I had worked at LIC for almost 3 years when I decided to go for IBPS SO, my concentration and grasping had dropped drastically, I didn’t have the habit of studying anymore, it was hard to open the book again but I had decided to be a Banker and there was no turning back! With the help of IIKD Gurucul I started my preparation with baby steps by clearing my Basics first and with the help of the faculties who were present to help students anytime; my pace started to improve, from 50 questions per day to 100, then 150! And in no time I became fond of studies.

How did you manage your time for studying while working in LIC?
Being an LIC DO the pressure was immense, daily & weekly meets used to take up a lot of my time, and the targets were not diminishing; but then too I managed time for studies, I used to come home from work and in evening devoted 4-5 hours for studies and in the morning I devoted another 2 hours before leaving for work, it took a toll on me in the beginning days but my sheer perseverance and my dream motivated me to keep going forward.

What are you aiming to become after Specialist officer in your career?
I am currently on an officer level in Bank of Baroda and this year I am eligible for fast track promotion for scale ii which I will surely become and in a long run I want to be on an executive level in my career.

Do share few words for today’s Generation on how to prepare for Government Exams.
I would like to point out that unless you live up to your goal, you will not succeed.We should always be passionate about our career, our Goal.
If you want to keep yourself motivated, write down your Goal on a piece of paper and put it in your room or wallpaper on your mobile so that it will keep reminding you and will not let you fall back.
No matter the no. of vacancy all you have to think is “I just need ONE seat to get selected”

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