What does a woman describe best?

Many of us will answer that as a mom, as a daughter, as a sister, as a wife, as a friend and many more but according to me she can also be a good entrepreneur, a good advisor, a teamleader and inspiration for many people.

The journey towards being strong and powerful starts from her childhood or from the surrounding where she broughtup. To make  women powerful their family should support and if they are (her heart) with her, she guarantees that world to know about beauty of blossom.

The women have the soft skill to tackle any enigma and overcoming outoff difficulties.

Corporate’s women have changed the world’s perception about “women can’t work  as men” . Yes , it is true because women can do better than them.

Today’s woman is a mother or sister or daughter or wife. She play all her role with the addition one “corporatewomen or businessleader” .

The impact have seen through economic reports. It says that economy is growing with women contribution in national income. The government got to know that if half of population stay at home then that country will never be a developed economy. Therefore they try to spread awareness amid people and provide many more facilities which made them came out with more opportunities like working hours, pays, allowance, maternity leaves transportation facility, sound workplace  etc.

Women are performing well in corporate world and many of us got inspired from them.  Today they are not only making  their country proud but also creating respect for women.

This is not about gender equality, it is about women “what they deserve to be”.


– By Annu Maurya

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