Broken to bits yet a soul with fire

Emerging from ashes, she slayed them alive.

She is Laxmi…

On her own she conjured the fear in them

A nightmare to some, she ruled the hearts of many.

She is Kiran…

Amidst roses so enchanting

She stood amongst them as one heading her country high.

She is Mary…

Mysteriously stunning, she attracted the unknown

Holding her grace she became a CEO

She is Indra…


Dauntless and amicable is the way she is

Radiant and humble she brings a smile on faces

She is Sudha…

Joyful and cheerful she expected your arrival..

Bearing the throes she gave birth with a cry of joy..

Beside you as a friend, she tolerated all your tantrums…

Searching for meanings in life, she hides many things

all within..

She is a Mom..

She is a wife..

She is a daughter..

She is a sister..

She is A WOMEN…


Har manzil ko hasil  krne ki taqat h jisme

Har na mumkin ko mumkin kr dikhane ki chahat h jisme

Har zaare ko barbaad krne ki nazaqaat h jisme

 vo h



– By Shristi Gupta

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